Saturday, March 28, 2015

Sat. 3/28-Fri. 4/2

spaghetti squash (several)
yellow squash
green beans (freezer)
heirloom tomatoes
white potatoes
fresh ginger
butter lettuce (living lettuce)
romaine lettuce

 Uses BB produce:
skillet potatoes and green beans

 Leftover recipes:
taco soup (crock pot on low while at zoo), tortilla chips, avocado/guacamole (if ripe)

Hearty beef and noodles
cheesy chicken and rice
Sizzling salisbury steak with buttered noodles (S&D 1/12 pg. 31), green beans
Mac 'n' cheese with ham (sub green beans), fruit
tortilla lasagna
easy Mexican lasagna

applesauce!! (use up all those apples!)
prep rye bread and rolls for freezer
 make taco soup

cheeseburgers, leftover California slaw, cottage cheese, fried onion, chips, strawberries

Sunday: (Greg)
grilled salmon, asparagus with hollandaise sauce, balsamic roasted beets and carrots, salad, potato rolls (hot dogs for kids)

Mac 'n' cheese with ham (sub green beans), fruit

Tuesday: (Z court; Alicia home all day; Doug track meet until late)
leftovers, sandwiches, or snacky supper

Wednesday: (WW 6:30)
pizza sloppy joes, chips, cottage cheese, fruit

Thursday: (Doug class)
leftovers, sandwiches, or snacky supper

Friday:  (Good Friday; Alicia and Doug home)
grilled chicken, creamy avocado and spinach pasta (add chicken)

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