Main dish

Ground beef
(Bacon) Cheeseburger slow cooker sloppy joes (good for an activity night; 5-6 hrs on low; 2-3 on high)
layered Dorito casserole (50 minutes to bake)
crockpot million dollar pasta  (4-6 hpurs on low; 2-3 on high; would be easy to bake too)
**Taco pasta
taco spaghetti,
(F) mini cheese stuffed meatloaves
Pizza sloppy joes
pumpkin sloppy joes
 (Bacon) Cheeseburger slow cooker sloppy joes
(F) Burrito pie
Sweet potato enchilada stack
slow cooker taco tater tot casserole  (2-3 hours on high; good for activity night)
cheeseburger pot pie (scroll down to bottom) (serve with cherry pie cupcakes)
taco pasta salad

(F) chicken pot pie
Cool ranch shredded chicken tacos (freezer friendly; slow cooker)
one pan autumn chicken dinner
Cheesy chicken and rice bake
Attention grilled chicken
creamy tuscan garlic chicken
one pot roasted drumsticks with potatoes and veggies
(F) Chicken enchiladas
chicken nuggets
Jen's blueberry apricot chicken
chicken lasagna
chili sauce chicken
turkey tetrazzini
chicken yakisoba
Creamy white chicken chili with cream cheese (30 min +/- meal OR slow cooker)  SO GOOD!reduce to 1 can beans
cheddar crusted chicken  broccoli casserole

Pork (sausage, ham, etc.)
pork carnitas (could probably follow the same process with beef)
crock pot apple cider pork roast
Garlic rosemary pork tenderloin
sausage and zucchini pasta toss
Sausage with bow ties and pesto (sausage, Philadelphia cooking cream, pesto, pasta)
Ham and cheese ziti
Biscuits and gravy
pigs in a blanket
Brawurst supper
crock pot brown sugar holiday ham

Other beef (steak, roast, etc.)
shredded beef and sharp cheddar empanadas 
Creamy Swiss Steak

Fish/sea food

No meat
skillet mac and cheese

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