Saturday, September 26, 2015

Sat. 9/26-Fri. 10/2

Windows and doors being installed

Eat at Renaissance Faire OR sandwiches/leftovers

Monday: (Kids no school--pumpkin patch with Ashley ??;C gymnastics 6:00; D history center 7:00)
burritos (freezer), chips and salsa, fruit

Broccoli cheese soup and grilled cheese sandwiches, apples and dip

Wednesday: (WW 6:30)
sausage and zucchini with pesto cream sauce over pasta

Thursday: (C dance 4:30; D class 5:00)
leftovers or snacky supper

Friday: (haircuts 4:30)
Eat out downtown

Friday, September 18, 2015

Sat. 9/19-Fri. 9/25

pancakes, egg scramble with sausage, fruit

leftovers or sandwich bar

Monday: (Alicia at concession stand AMS; Chloe gymnastics 6:00-7:00)
Eat out/take out

Tuesday: (Brenda 4:00)
sausage with creamy garlic cauliflower sauce, green beans, fruit

Wednesday: (Chloe's adoption day!!  Mary TFI 4:15; WW 6:30)
lasagna, salad, fruit, bread

Thursday: (Chloe dance 4:30-5:15; Doug class)
Eat out, leftovers, or snacky supper

Bountiful Baskets pick up; eat out

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Sat. 9/12-Fri. 9/18

process strawberries (jam and puree)
make cauliflower alfredo sauce
precook sausage

Ballet in the park in Wichita
Food trucks
Kids: snack tray from home (apples, carrots, grapes, cucumbers, salami, cheese cubes, peanut butter dip, crackers, ??

Sunday: (Alicia's birthday)
steak or ??, baked potatoes with artichoke-spinach dip, salad

Monday: (C gymnastics 5:30)
chicken crescent roll things (freezer), fruit, raw veggies

make your own pizza: BB crusts, sauce, cheese, sausage; salad, veggies

Wednesday: (WW 6:30)
sandwich bar (meat, cheese, bread), fruit and veggies

Thursday: (Doug class; C dance 4:30)
Eat out or leftovers or snacky supper

Friday: (Alicia inservice day)
breakfast scramble burritos (eggs, sausage,  cheese, tortillas), apple streusel muffins, fruit  COOK SAUSAGE AHEAD; USE SOME FOR PIZZA

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Sat. 9/5-Fri. 9/11

Mom and Dad here

In Topeka

Monday: (Labor Day NO SCHOOL)
ham steak, broccoli rice and cheese, fruit etc.

pumpkin sloppy joes, green beans, fruit

Wednesday: (WW 6:30)
chicken crescent roll things (freezer), fruit, raw veggies

Thursday: (C dance 430-5:15; Doug class)
Jacob's Well, leftovers, or snacky supper

BB pick up; eat out