Saturday, September 27, 2014

Sat. 9/27-Fri. 10/3

Garlic Apple Pork Roast, garlic and parmesan roasted potatoes, green beans
Turkey tetrazzini, veggies, apples or apple sauce
chicken and noodles, mashed potatoes, green beans, rolls
cheesy ham, chicken, and rice casserole
pasta alfredo with ham and peas, fruit
pumpkin sloppy joes, veggies
potato and corn chowder with grilled ham and cheese sandwiches
chicken alfredo baked ziti
marinara in freezer
cauliflower sauce in freezer
meatballs in freezer
baby carrots to use, regular carrots to use
zucchini to use
green apples to use
Asian pears to use
cabbage to use
romaine lettuce to use

cook chicken in crock pot
make baked spaghetti (up to the baking part)


Sunday: (D football meeting, lv. 5:30)
chicken yakisoba veggie mix in freezer (add pea pods, broccoli)

Monday: (4:00 SW visit; big kids gymnastics 5:00; D football game; Mom and Dad)
take out/eat out

Tuesday: (foster care walk thru 4:00; Mom and Dad)
crock pot chicken and noodles, mashed potatoes, jello (mom), salad or zucchini or balsamic roasted carrots

Wednesday: (Mom and Dad; D class)
fish sticks, mac and cheese, veggies

Thursday: (Jessica)
baked spaghetti, fruit, fried apples and pears, salad

Friday: (A home all day--Malia ?; C & J school; D football  @ home)
leftovers or pancakes and scrambled eggs

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