Saturday, September 13, 2014

Sat. 9/13/14-Fri. 9/19/14

Cheesy ham and potatoes, veggies
 chicken nuggets, macaroni and cheese, peas and carrots
tortellini bake (with cauliflower alfredo and marinara sauce from freezer)
marinara in freezer
cauliflower sauce in freezer
meatballs in freezer
pasta meal in freezer
2 heads of broccoli to use
head of romaine lettuce to use
baby carrots to use
zucchini to use
green apples to use
Asian pears to use

cook 2 lbs hamburger
make tater tot casserole

Saturday: (D history center)
Happy Birthday! Someone else in charge

Sunday: (D fb meeting 5:30)
chicken yakisoba veggie mix in freezer (add pea pods, broccoli)

Monday: (Z case plan 4:00; kids gymnastics 5:00-7:00)
Take out/fast food

sausage with cooked apples, macaroni and cheese with broccoli

Wednesday: (D class until 10:00)
deluxe peanut butter sandwiches (pb with choice of toppings--banana, honey, chocolate chips, marshmallows, jelly; put under broiler to toast), yogurt, fruit

Thursday: (C dance 3:45-4:30)
tater tot casserole (make ahead; cook 2 lbs hamburger; save 1/2 lb for Friday), glazed carrots

Friday: (D fb game)
make your own pizza (leftover marinara for sauce)--tortillas, hamburger, pepperoni, cheese

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