Saturday, October 22, 2016

Sat. 10/22-Fri. 10/28

Pork roast with apples, carrots, and rosemarycrash hot sweet potatoes spinach pear and pomegranate salad
slow cooker garlic rosemary beef stew (potatoes, carrots, celery)

Saturday: (Doug home?)
Little dippers platter: eggplant parmesan bites ("pizza bites") with marinara or pizza sauce, sliced fruit with dip (apple, banana, pear), cheddar cheese sticks, carrot coins and broccoli with ranch

mini meatloaves,  twice baked mashed potatoes, salad

Monday: (D WWIIHC meeting Wichita lv. 6:00)
chicken alfredo baked zitibroccoli, apples and peanut butter

Tuesday: (Big kids PTC's 4:20, 5:00; Doug PTCs until 8:00)
sandwiches or snacky supper

Wednesday: (C dance 4:45, J piano 5:00; D PTC's until 8:00)
chicken and noodles (freezer) and mashed potatoes, baked carrots

Thursday: (A and big kids no school; C piano 6:00)
Skillet butternut squash, sausage, and penne pasta, salad (pear pomegranate?), applesauce, slow cooker apple pumpkin pudding (needs 2.5 hours to cook) 

Friday: (everybody no school)
decide later (might be on a family outing)

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