Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sunday, March 13-Friday, March 18

fried chicken, veggies, etc.
Bubba: vegggie combo, fruit
Get meatloaf out of freezer
make potatoes
make and freeze apple/pear sauce
make and freeze veggie combo

Monday: Doug's birthday!
Herbed veggie mix-up pg. 31 ToH Feb/Mar '11 (adapt! use frozen mixed veggies)
Italian spiral meatloaf (freezer)
Make-ahead mashed potatoes pg. 31 ToH Feb/Mar '11
Bubba: potatoes and veggies, fruit

 Chicken tacos
avocado, salsa, corn
Bubba: chicken baby food, avocado and banana

Wednesday: WW
 Deli melts, chips, cottage cheese, fruit

Thursday:  Session 6:00
Santa Fe skillet dish (modify to use regular pasta; add cheese), green beans

Friday: Doug home with kids

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