Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sunday, 3/20-Saturday, 3/26

Lunch: deli melts, chips, cottage cheese, grapes
Supper: grilled steaks, sweet potatoes, veggies
Bubba: sweet potato, veggies, apple and pear sauce
Make apple and pear sauce
Make and freeze plum applesauce

Monday: (pictures at 5:30)
Lunch: sandwiches
Supper: chicken salad with fruit
Bubba: ground chicken, fruit, veggies

Tuesday: (Spamalot)
Supper: leftovers, sandwiches, or take out
Bubba: leftovers or Gerber

Wednesday: (B & D to Pittsburg)
Supper: chicken tortilla soup (slow cooker)
Bubba: ground chicken with cereal mixed with apple/pear sauce, veggies

Supper: Grilled salmon, salad, asparagus w/ hollandaise sauce
Bubba: salmon, pureed asparagus/veggies
Make jello!

Friday: (Bubba visit 8:30-9:30 drop off and pick up; zoo)
Lunch: sandwiches at zoo
Supper: eat out or take out

Saturday: (Birthday party 5:30; Doug WWII annual mtg PM)
Supper: BBQ pork, potato salad, deviled eggs, jello, veggies, birthday cake

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