Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday, 3/27-Friday, 4/1

Sunday: Bowling Banquet

chicken tortilla soup
Bubba: ground chicken w/ apples and pears, veggies
Cook meat for taco salad

Tuesday: (track meet)
taco salads
Bubba: avocado and banana mash, yogurt and fruit

Wednesday: (WW)
kielbasa, rice, veggies
Bubba: veggie combo, meat baby food with rice
Get meatballs out of freezer!

Swedish meatballs (sauce only), noodles, green beans
Bubba: meatballs, pasta, veggies
Make mac 'n' cheese with ham!

Mac 'n' cheese with ham (sub green beans), fruit
Bubba: mac 'n' cheese (no ham), fruit

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