Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Sat. 7/15-Fri. 7/21

Picnic food ideas for Saturday:
ham and cheddar with honey mustard tortilla rollups
cream cheese and jam tortilla rollups
PB&J tortilla rollups
salami provolone spinach herb cream cheese tortilla rollups
antipasto platter with crusty bread
watermelon and fresh berries and cherries

In freezer: 1 meal of roast turkey, sweet potato side, green beans (NOT casserole)
In freezer: cool ranch shredded chicken taco meat X 1 meal
In freezer: cheesy cauliflower soup base (add cheese and heavy cream)
in freezer: 1 meal baked ziti
In freezer: 1 pkg meatballs
In freezer: cooked chicken
In freezer: 1 lb ground ham
In freezer: quart of chicken and wild rice soup X 2
In freezer: taco soup
In freezer: huli huli pork 
one skillet chicken enchilada pasta (consider subbing green enchilada sauce for the red)
Bake one freeze one apple crisp (split this recipe between two 8X8 pans)
Grilled chilli lime chicken fajita salad
cheesy chicken florentine
 lemon bars
one pot roasted drumsticks with potatoes and veggies
easy Mexican lasagna (50 minutes to bake) or tortilla lasagna
burrito bake
taco chicken bowls, fruit (slow cooker--8 hours)
Creamy garlic basil chicken with asparagus

To use:
beet greens
CSA zucchini
Gaeddert corn

6.  -----
7. -----

Topeka for lantern fest

Topeka for lantern fest
Take out if home for supper

Monday: (C gymnastics 7:15)
antipasto salad, bread, fruit
cook whole chicken and make stock

crispy hot chicken salad casserole (use part of whole cooke chicken; use other part to make regular chicken salad)

Wednesday: (J music 4:30; CSA 5:30)
pizza meatloaf cups (make extra for freezer), corn and bacon casserole

Thursday: (C music 6:00)
sour cream noodle bakemixed greens strawberry salad (could add blueberries too) or raw fruits and veggies

creamy summer zucchini soup, grilled cheese, watermelon, veggies

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