Saturday, May 21, 2016

Sat. 5/21-Fri. 5/27

grill brats and hot dogs; cucumber salad, cottage cheese, chips, blueberry strawberry magic cobbler

grill cheeseburgers, chips, cucumber salad, mixed berries, watermelon
DIY cream soup mix
avalanche cookies

Monday: (C gymnastics 6:00; D history center El Dorado)
Strwberry spinach salad (add chicken, use different cheese)--deconstruct salad for kids
strawberry banana bread
blueberry muffins

taco bar (leftover chicken plus beef taco meat, cucumbers, avocado, cheese, sour cream, fried or soft tortillas); berry salad

Wednesday: (big kids last day of school)
Crispy Butter Cream Chicken, roasted carrots, parmesan baked asparagus, twice baked potato casserole (use potatoes have on hand), melon salad

Thursday: (C dance 4:15)
DIY pizza, leftover veggies, etc.

Alicia and kids to Topeka

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