Saturday, August 9, 2014

Sat. 8/9-Fri. 8/15

pasta, sauce, and meatballs
tater tot casserole
chicken lasagna (add squash)
zucchini pancakes

Fried chicken and sides from Dillons

Sunday: (D football meeting, leave 5:30)
Open and explore coconut
Make antipasto salad for Wednesday night
precook hamburger for Monday night
premake ham and cheese ziti for Tuesday night
premake hamburger/tomato mixture for Thurs. night
make cherry limeade dip
make grape salad for Monday
make fresh peach cake
Caribbean style chicken salad, (uses mango, lime, add coconut??, orange??, grapes??)--use wraps in fridge,  Fried plantains

Monday: (J preschool open house 6:00-7:00)
pizza sloppy joes, broccoli salad, grape salad

ham and cheese ziti (add squash), fruit salad (kiwi, grapes, banana, cherries, berries)

Wednesday: (Oil Hill open house; AMS open house; times ???)
antipasto salad (make ahead)

skillet baked ziti (add hamburger, add shredded carrot; use tomatoes in fridge--crush and cook down), lettuce salad with creamy cucumber dressing

Friday: (Bountiful Baskets pickup in Andover; volunteer 4:45, pickup 5:45)
Order pizza, salad

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