Saturday, August 2, 2014

Sat. 8/2-Fri. 8/8

Ham and cheese ziti
creamy garden pasta salad
zucchini casserole  add ham, fruit, salad
grilled mushrooms,

ham steak, grilled asparagus, corn on the cob
Eat at Frontier Western Festival

Sunday: (D football meeting 6:00-7:30)
Meat and Potatoes menu plan ( Vegetable loaded salad with creamy dill dressing, steak with stroganoff sauce ) dressing for salad
grilled stuffed portobellos
savory grilled potatoes or Pioneer Woman lemony grilled zucchini
corn on the cob
grilled asparagus
Four Seasons Fruit Salad

Monday: (D Lawrence all day; A inservice in AM)
lemony tortellini bacon salad
cherry clafouti

creamy zucchini and spinach rigatoni (add chicken)
broccoli salad

Wednesday: (Happy anniversary!)
pasta, sauce and meatballs with tomato and fresh basil crostini and spinach and avocado salad
(a meatball recipe but not my usual one from Pasta, Please! by Country Woman magazine)

Circus--eat out in Wichita early

ravioli, salad

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