Saturday, July 2, 2011

Sat. 7/2-Fri. 7/9

Saturday 7/2: (B&D pizza dinner at church)

Sunday 7/3:
lunch: sandwiches
chili sauce chicken
herbed grilled veggies (zucchini, yellow squash, onion, mushrooms, butter, garlic herb soup mix in aluminum pouch)
berry salad (Billye)

Monday 7/4: (July 4, Mom and Dad coming)
lunch: deli meat pinwheels, fruit salad, cheese
hamburgers, etc.

Tuesday 7/5: (concert at library at 6:30)
Lunch: cream cheese and fruit flatbread, yogurt dip and cucumber, chips/puffs
Supper: ??A&D go out; kids at Billye's

Wednesday 7/6: (Greg arriving? Swimming w/ kids in AM)
Lunch: grilled cheese sandwich, grapes/fruit, chips/puffs, cottage cheese
Supper: BBQ pork and penne skillet, green beans

Thursday 7/7: (Chloe storytime at library at 11:00)
Lunch: leftovers or deli meat on flatbread
Supper: layered salad with chicken

Friday 7/8:
Lunch: leftover chicken salad OR deli wraps
Supper: Billye do pork loin/chops, corn on the cob

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