Saturday, August 22, 2015

Sat. 8/22-Fri. 8/28

skillet baked ziti, salad/veggies, fruit salad

Cook ahead plan:
make burritos
crock pot chicken (use some for crescent roll chicken; leftover either freeze or use in burritos)
chicken stock
chicken stuffed crescent rolls
minute steaks in fridge to thaw

leftover taco pasta and root beer BBQ pork, veggies, fruit

fried round steak (sandwiches?), crash hot potatoes, fruit and veggies

chicken stuffed crescent rolls (make head and freeze or fridge; make extra for freezer)

tortellini and sauce, veggies, fruit

Wednesday: (Doug HOME!!)
Fix potluck food for school! (chips, salsa, cheese dip)
crispy beef and cheese burritos (make ahead; make extra to freeze)

Thursday: (Oil Hill open house 5:30)
Eat out

BB pick up; eat out

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