Friday, April 15, 2011

Sat. 4/16-Fri. 4/22

Saturday:  (Doug Hist Center and bowling mtg all day)
Leftover enchilada stack, veggies
Bubba: sweet potatoes and yogurt OR Yo Baby, veggies

Brisket salads (brisket, spinach, mandarin oranges, strawberries, feta, vinaigrette)
Bubba; leftovers or Gerber, fruit

Chicken/veggie pizza (pesto, tomato, zucchini, chicken, spinach)
Bubba: chicken with sweet potatoes and cereal, veggies

Tuesday: (track meet Andover)
Beef stroganoff (make double noodles and save for tomorow), salad, green beans, fruit
Bubba: pasta combo, fruit

Wednesday: (Wacky Wed, History Ctr mtg)
Pasta and alfredo with veggies, fruit
Bubba: pasta, veggies

Thursday: (track meet?)
Chicken and Vegetables with mustard herb sauce (SD Feb/Mar 11 pg. 19), rice
Bubba: chicken, rice, and veggies combo; fruit

Friday: (no school; Billye's birthday; Doug KU)
Eat out for supper
Bubba: Gerber

Newton for lunch

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