Saturday, February 19, 2011

Saturday 2/19-Friday 2/25

Saturday: Doug History Center
Creamy chicken and rice soup, bread
Bubba: Bubba: rice cereal with chicken broth and carrots, fruit
Sunday: Doug CE meeting after church
Herbed veggie mix-up pg. 31 ToH Feb/Mar '11 (adapt! use frozen mixed veggies)
Italian spiral meatloaf pg. 30 ToH Feb/Mar '11 (make one, freeze one)
Make-ahead mashed potatoes pg. 31 ToH Feb/Mar '11
Bubba: potatoes and veggies, fruit
Get sausage out of freezer!

Monday: Alicia no school; Doug conferences until 7:00
Kielbasa sausage, rice, broccoli with cheese
Bubba: pumpkin/squash combo, fruit

Tuesday: competition
Chicken quesadillas (rotisserie chicken, cheese, onion, zucchini, tortillas), avocado, sour cream, corn
Bubba: zucchini veggie mix, avocado and banana
Make chicken salad, tapioca salad

Wednesday: Wacky Wednesday
Chicken salad roll ups (chopped rotisserie chicken, mayo/yogurt mix, pineapple, grapes, dried cranberries, cheese, tortillas), cottage cheese or tapioca fruit salad, Sun Chips
Bubba: fruit and yogurt, pumpkin mix
Get meatballs and sauce out of freezer!!

Thursday: Doug leave for Topeka for competition overnight
Pasta, sauce and meatballs; green beans; fruit salad
Bubba: pasta/veggie combo, fruit, green beans

Friday: Doug home when??
ham 'n' cheese pizzas pg. 64 ToH CS (sub monterray jack for swiss cheese), veggies, fruit salad (if any left)
Bubba: sweet potato and yogurt, finger foods

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